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C pointer is the most powerful and nasty concept. Whether marstering C points or not separate intermediate C programers from the elementary ones. Want to know whether you have mastered C pointers? Have a look at this program. If the basic idea is clear to you, you are qualified to be an intermediate programmer. If you have difficulty, you should learn hard from other programmers. It is unwise to study this program as a beginner. The catch in the program is too complicated.

This program is adapted from an example in the C bible “The C Programming Language” written by Kernighan & Ritchie. I commented it and extended its function a bit. This allocator is usually not as efficient as malloc family that comes with the system, but it is good enough for a lot of practical applications. Also, this allocator is simple and clear. You can largely predict its behaviour. In comparison, it is not always easy to understand malloc is doing.

I came to know this allocator from Phil Green’s Phrap assembler. I then found the book and reimplemented in my way.

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